Four needle six thread flat sewing machine/double-edge fabric trimmer

ZJ3601A-152M-L-BD series



Adopts direct drive servo motor, stable operation, low vibration and energy saving reach up to 60%.
Patented overhead horizontal electromagnet, freely control the thread gravitation, it makes stitch more beautiful.
Mini oil lubrication system avoid oil contamination.
Function of automatic tread trimmer improve working efficiency.


Streamline design mounting base, extra-large operation space, low vibration


Separate direct-drive servo motor



Air suction device



Electronic type automatic foot lifter device



Thread trimming device



Automatic thread timmer device


ModelNo.of NeedlesMaterialNeedleSewing SpeedStitch Length
ZJ3601A-152M-H-BD 4 Medium,Heavy   4200 (rpm) mm
ZJ3601A-152M-L-BD 4 Light,Medium   4200 (rpm) mm
ZJ3601A-160M-H-BD 4 Medium,Heavy   4200 (rpm) mm
ZJ3601A-160M-L-BD 4 Light,Medium   4200 (rpm) mm
ZJ3602A-152M-H-BD 4 Medium,Heavy   4200 (rpm) mm
ZJ3602A-152M-L-BD 4 Light,Medium   4200 (rpm) mm
ZJ3602A-160M-H-BD 4 Medium,Heavy   4200 (rpm) mm
ZJ3602A-160M-L-BD 4 Light,Medium   4200 (rpm) mm