Serging the front and back trousers- with or without kneelining




Automatic serging of trousers


The sewing units 1265-5 and 1365-5-2 with differential top
and bottom feed offer excellent solutions for the rational
serging of front and hind trousers parts.
The 1265-5 is a single-head overlock unit with integrated DC
sewing motor. The 1365-5-2 is a twin-head overlock unit and
can additionally be equipped with a third sewing head allowing
a further increase in efficiency when processing the
trousers hem. The trousers is completely serged in one
operation, i.e. also the seat curve and the vent curve
(depends on shape) can be integrated in the operation. Even
trousers with knee lining can be processed without any
problems: Both workpieces are fused by means of an adhesive
tacker (optional) and serged without displacement with
the desired fullness in the knee lining.
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