Serging of front and hind trousers with or without kneelining



The 1225-5 offers you an excellent solution for the efficient serging of trousers parts with and without kneelining. The serging of the crotch and fly curve as well as of the trousers hem can be integrated. With the help of the quick adjustment of the differential bottom feed the Pegasus sewing head S52-134 makes it possible to distribute partial fullnes in the kneelining. For displacement-free sewing the lining is fused to the upper fabric at the fusing station for kneelining. The sewing operation starts automatically after the workpiece has been positioned. The workpiece is guided, sewn and stacked automatically. Performance: approx. 650 pqirs in 480 min. (front trousers with kneelining) approx. 450 pairs in 480 min (complete trousers with kneelining)

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